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Munich: Excursions

Dachau Concentration Camp + City Immersion (Silver) Tour Package

"Never again."

Dachau Concentration Camp Gate

The charming town of Dachau was primarily known for the remains of a 16th-Century château and its 18th-Century facades.

However, all that changed on 20 March, 1933 when Hitler designated Dachau to be to be the site for the first Nazi concentration camp.

Originally opened to detain the political deviants of the Nazi Party, the Dachau Concentration Camp was later used as the model camp for other concentration camps established during the Third Reich.

As you cannot understand history, without knowing the history of the man that did it, our Dachau Concentration Camp is only offered together with our City Immersion Tour, with emphasis on Third Reich history.


Price: Contact us | Duration: 8 hours | Private only

Utilized as a labor camp, numerous prisoners who died here succumbed to malnutrition from overwork and being underfed. Furthermore, a considerable number of prisoners fell by disease epidemics such as Typhus; or suicide; or murder.

You will walk through the entrance of the Memorial Site which reads Arbeit macht frei (translation: Work makes you free), as more than 200,000 prisoners did before. In addition, your specially trained Dachau Concentration Camp tour guide will usher you through Third Reich and German history as you inspect the:

  • Documentary Film: The Dachau Concentration Camp
  • Dormitory and Grounds
  • Gas Chamber and Crematoria
  • Museum and Exhibitions: Paths of the Prisoners
  • Multi-language audio guides will also be provided to compliment your tour in the museum an exhibition areas.

Pick-up location:

To Be Coordinated


Monday through Saturday, except Holidays

This ozTour Munich Dachau Tour is available for private individual, family or group bookings.
This tour complements the City Immersion Tour. You cannot understand history, until you understand the person that did it


ozTour Munich Best Tour Company Germany 2016 Luxury
ozTour Munich Best Tour Company Germany 2015 Luxury
ozTour Munich Best Tour Company Germany 2014 Luxury

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