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"...the BIG city with the small town feel."

ozTour Munich Maypole

Munich places its origins to an 8th-Century Benedictine monastery settlement. Henry the Lion, the Duke of Bavaria, took control of the profitable salt trade from Salzburg, after which the city was founded on 14 June, 1158. Now Germany's 3rd largest city with a population of 1.4M residents, Munich is the most popular tourist destination in Germany. Just north of the Alps, the relaxed lifestyle of Munich gives the first taste of the Mediterranean for many European travellers.

The city and its people have a talent of being productive, while maintaining the Bavarian relaxed attitude and identity. The elegance and prosperity of the city makes it the city that Germans would most like to live in. With the unemployment in the EU at 2.6% (Eurostat 2013), Munich boasts a powerhouse economy through the likes of BMW, MAN, Bayer and Siemens, while balancing it all with beer gardens, shopping and a vivacious nightlife.

The capital of the Catholic and conservative Free State of Bavaria, the city epitomizes the independent Bavarian spirit. Munich chose early on to rebuild the city in its old form, rather than modernizing the city - look confidently to a successful future, without losing sight of traditions of its Bavarian past. Munich is now a highly cosmopolitan city that has become home to people from all over world and from other German states.


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Currently in the City

Chinese Tower Beer Garden

Join us under chestnut trees to enjoy drinking Munich's favorite beverage.
Plus, visit our beer halls or the Oktoberfest grounds at Theresienwiese for our seasonal Oktoberfest beer.


Upcoming 2018 City Events

We invite you to join us in Munich this 2018 Season.